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Find Your Passion, Design Your Life

Tina wrote her memoir and art book “DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT” to inspire people, including students, entry-level professionals, and mid-life career switchers, to exit their comfort zones, exceed their highest expectations, and “make everyday life a beautiful, meaningful, memorable adventure.” She discusses what it means to design your life around your passions.

The Art of Living Fearlessly

Tina’s work as a designer and creative entrepreneur is “built upon a personal story that touches on tragedy, loss, and struggle but is ruled by commitment, courage, and love,” says Filippo Voltaggio in his foreword to “DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT.” In the book, Tina tells how her experiences, from losing her mom as a young girl to being rejected and later succeeding in law school, shaped her life and vision.

A Girl Can Dream

Many girls have creative dreams, but somewhere on the road to adulthood they get the message that they don’t have talent, or that the arts are not a practical career choice. Tina discusses how to discover — or rediscover — your creative self and put it to work it in your life, home, career, and relationships.

Reupholster Your Self Talk

How you talk to yourself can have a transformative effect on your ability to create the life of your dreams. Tina explains how eliminating negative words and self-defeating thoughts is a key to changing your life.

Love Your Work, Work on Love

Tina and her husband and partner built their business together in part so they could realize their shared dream of having and nurturing a life as a family. She shares what it’s like to work with your spouse, and what it takes to design your work so you can live on your own terms.

What’s in Your Space? How Interior Designs Shape Interior Life

Our homes and everyday surroundings have a subtle but powerful effect on how we live our lives. With lessons from artists, architects, fashion designers, and other creative entrepreneurs in her book, Tina discusses how uncluttering your surroundings and your thoughts can help you uncover the beauty in life.

The Surprising Reward of Self-Care and Reflection

Tina shares how taking time to take care of yourself, and spending time in self-reflection, can help you achieve creative breakthroughs.

Feel Inspired? Write It Down!

Tina explains the power of writing or sketching your creative ideas, and of collecting things that inspire you. “The impressions you record in memory are an inspiration and you never know when opportunities to use them will surface — or resurface.”

Steady as She Goes

Bold dreams are not made real overnight, Tina says. “They are eased into life stitch by stitch, through the process of design and the steady work of your own hands, heart, and mind.”

The Creative Heart of Upholstery Art

“The eye craves excitement. The heart and body require comfort,” Tina says. She discusses some of the dramatic and unique furniture designs that have won her company, Nathan Anthony Furniture, international fame and acclaim.

Do You Have These 4 Cs for Success?

Tina discusses why courage, commitment, and confidence make it possible to achieve things that may seem impossible, and how creative imagination is an unlimited source of inspiration.

Why You Should Expect Angels

Surround yourself with people who inspire and support your dreams, help you through hard times, and give you the confidence to keep going, Tina says. “Think about the supporters who have appeared magically in your life right when you’ve needed them most. In our experience, this happens when we focus our intentions and acknowledge what we want and need.”

It’s Never Too Late

Tina explains why it is never too late to “disrupt low expectations” and offers some ways to reawaken your sense of wonder in life.
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