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In her stunning new art book and memoir, award-winning LA furniture designer Tina Nicole inspires readers to exit their comfort zones and fearlessly forge the life of their dreams.

Life with all its beauty and uncertainty is a source of infinite inspiration for award-winning Los Angeles furniture designer Tina Nicole. It’s also the creative spark behind her new book, “DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT.”

“DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT” combines evocative original illustrations with Tina’s personal story of persevering through loss and overcoming obstacles to achieve international acclaim. A visually stunning memoir, it encourages readers to find inspiration in the beauty around them and forge the life of their dreams.

Tina is famous in design circles for creating furniture that’s fashion forward, sculptural and recognizably unique. She does it through Nathan Anthony Furniture, the company she founded with her husband, design engineer Khai Mai. The company is named for their son, and her book is dedicated to him and three “angels” ­— children the couple lost at birth.

As Creative Director and CEO of Nathan Anthony, Tina has won five prestigious International Design & Architecture awards and a spot on the World’s Leading Design Names list in 2018, among multiple design awards she has received in the U.S. and U.K. She and Nathan Anthony Furniture will be featured on The American Dream TV in late February, 2020.

With the publication of “DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT,” Tina aims to encourage girls and women to chase their passions, and to inspire anyone facing upheaval to use it as a springboard for success. It’s a path she has blazed herself.

“I wrote my book with the hope of helping others succeed and find self-acceptance, and with a genuine desire to share my own passion for design, art, travel and life,” she says. “It’s my personal story. It encourages others to examine their own lives, accept their mistakes as part of growth, and forge ahead to design the life they’ve always imagined.”

What You Do Becomes True. Do. You.

Tina has surmounted multiple obstacles in her life. At the age of 3 she was struck by a van and spent most of a year hospitalized. She was left with scars from 50 stitches, reminders “of how precious life is and how mine surely almost ended so early on.” Soon afterwards, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her father, formerly playful and engaging, became withdrawn. She began to spend a lot of time alone in her room, sketching, coloring, and decorating her dollhouse.

Tina was in the fifth grade when her mother died. With her older siblings involved in their teenaged lives, she had to become independent, arranging her own rides to and from school, making her own lunch, and tucking herself in at night.

“My imagination was restless.
I had a million questions and no one to answer them. I looked to books, to art, to music, to painting. And I began to design a world of my own….That world had a husband and a wife who had a happy home. That world still had a mother in it.”

On many days, instead of going home to an empty house, she would ride her bike to her grandparents’ home. There she helped them with yard work, baking, and sewing beautiful dresses — modeled after the ones she saw in high fashion magazines — with her grandmother, a professional seamstress.

“I learned that all things made with love become reflections of ourselves,” she says. “And I became aware of the power and beauty of changing things to your own liking, or, as we call it in the furniture industry, customization.”

Tina went on to earn an Associate of Arts in Fashion Merchandising from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, a bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA, and a license to practice law from Loyola Law School. It was not an easy path. Early on she faced rejections from several law schools and worked four jobs to make ends meet, all while dreaming of the life she wanted to lead.

Set your sights on a dream. Break it down into steps. Stitch by stitch, piece by piece, change your style. Change your life. Change your world.

“DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT” is about discovering — or rediscovering — the power of your own creativity, the beauty of your home, your world, your everyday surroundings. The book features Tina's 10 big picture practical life lessons, such as live deliberately, trust yourself and "frustration = fierce growth."

"Whatever life throws at you — personally or professionally — always remember: It’s not what happens to you that shapes you most — it’s what you do with it," Tina says. "Everything we experience, good or bad, leads us to discover something essential that we can build on."

Enriched with multiple personal photographic images, evocative original illustrations, and essential, straightforward life lessons applicable to students, entry-level professionals, or mid-life career switchers who dream of customizing their own lives, DREAM DESIGN DISRUPT inspires us all to summon the courage to embrace change, reach for our dreams, exceed our highest expectations, and make everyday life a beautiful, meaningful, memorable adventure.

“With courage, commitment, and confidence in the value of your own work, it’s possible to achieve things others may believe impossible. It happens every day,” Tina says. “There will be times when your resources, your energy, or your time — or all three — will be limited. But there are no limits on creative imagination. The more you use, the better it gets. Sky is not the limit.”

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